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It can be challenging to determine whether your dock on Rosen Lake is in compliance with all laws!!   We cannot offer you any legal advice as to whether your dock meets with all government requirements, but we have set out below some resources for you.

It is important to remember that your waterfront property on Rosen Lake does not include the foreshore.  All foreshores in the Province of British Columbia are Crown Land.  The foreshore is the area below the high water mark.   As the water level in Rosen Lake is controlled by a dam, the foreshore is minimal, however, all docks on the lake are technically built on Crown Land and must comply with the Land Act. Individuals cannot build on or develop aquatic Crown land, including Crown foreshore, without the province's authorization, even if they own adjacent property or "upland." However, a conditional general permission may be in place for small dock use of aquatic Crown land on some lakes and river areas.

Here is what we understand; if you own the “upland” (ie a waterfront lot), and you meet the requirements for “General Permission”, then you do not require a permit for a dock.  We have set out the text from the BC government document below; generally stated, you have “General Permission” to build a dock without a permit if the dock:

  • Is not greater than 20 square meters in area;
  • Does not extend more than 30 meters from the natural water boundary;
  • Is not wider than 3 meters (and not more than 1.5 meters wide for access ramps);
  • Does not use pressure treated wood; and
  • Is not located where a “Special Permission” is required (check with “Front Counter”)

Click here to read Requirements & Best Management Practices – Designing Your Dock or Boat Launch from the Ministry of Agirculture & Land

We cannot provide you with any legal advice, so check the legislation, read the information on the website and contact a local lawyer if you have any questions!



Helpful Hints:

  • Use  ONLY phosphate-free soaps and detergents – critical for lake health!
  • Inspect your system yearly, and have the septic tank pumped every 2 to 5 years by a Septic service company.  Regular pumping is cheaper than having to rebuild a drain-field.
  • Do not put toxic chemicals (paints, varnishes, thinners, waste oils, photographic solutions, or pesticides) down the drain because they can kill the bacteria at work in your onsite sewage system and can contaminate waterbodies.
  • Conserve water: run the washing machine and dishwasher only when full and use only low-flow showerheads and toilets.



Many Rosen Lake property owners are experiencing significant shoreline erosion.  The causes of the erosion are complex and include natural erosion, ice movement and, increasingly, boat wakes.  There are several different types of shoreline erosion protection strategies and each property will have its own unique issues (such as slope, wave action, types of vegetation) and solutions.

On this page, we hope to highlight possible solutions to erosion issues on Rosen Lake.  We also hope to suggest alternatives to “hard” shoreline protection structures.  While effective, particularly in high wave locations, many “hard” shoreline protection structures are unfriendly to birds, wildlife and small fish.  If you have a suggestion, information, web sites, books or other resources to suggest, please contact us and we will add information to this page.



Click here to read “Some Things You Should Know as a Rural Landowner in the RDEK” from East Kootenay Guide

By-Law Enforcement
Please see the By-Law enforcement page on the RDEK website, which contains contact information and complaint forms.






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